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"Painting Nature" Charity Plein Air  Art Workshop
4 weekly lessons Acrylic painting workshop 
Duration 4 Feb to 25 Feb 2012
Every sat 9-1130am
Fee $200 excluding materials

Venue: Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, Singapore 238888, tel. 6222 1662

Portion of sales will go to Singapore Children's Society 
RSVP to: info@myartspace.com.sg

This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediate participants who wish to work in acrylic media
and paint nature outdoors ('en plein air'). In this course students will be introduced to fundamental
elements of drawing/painting, including the technical focus on color mixing, palette organization and paint
application. The introduction will include 1 sessions in the studio (painting still life). 3 sessions will be
devoted to painting nature elements or landscape outdoors (in case of raining participants will paint from
the studio balcony or from reference photos). The objective of this workshop is to enable students to
compose, develop and complete a landscape painting outdoors.  

Session 1 (studio). Introduction to acrylic paint and materials. Introduction to drawing basic and sighting
technique. Tips on how to see and draw as an artist. Learn how to create 3 dimensional volume for objects
through understanding of light and shadow.
Painting exercise: Still life drawing/painting in monochrome color.

Session 2 (park). Understanding painting composition. Tips on how to sketch from the landscape.
Painting exercise: Charcoal sketching of the chosen landscape. Taking reference photo. Moving from
sketch to painting. Performing monochrome underpainting on canvas. Identifying of big shapes, light
direction, shadows and tone in painting.

Session 3 (park). Introduction to color theory. Understanding of color relationship, color wheel.
Capturing the color and light.
Painting exercise: Continuing the painting. The color block in. Studying light and shadow relationship.

Session 4. Discussion on atmospheric perspective. Focus on the colors’ value as an element in creating
space in the landscape. Paint application tips.
Painting exercise: Continuing and completing the painting. Studying value of colors. Discussion of
completed painting.

Syllabus subject to  change












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