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I have been painting since childhood starting from watercolors and poster colors moving to pastel and acrylics. Finally, around 14 years ago, I have discovered oils for myself and since then I have been exploring oil medium finding it versatile and fun to work with. Over the course of years, I have tried to explore many different topics – still life, portrait, cityscape, landscape, flowers… In the process, I understood that I am more drawn to painting nature because it is something I feel deeply connected to. Nature has always been something sacred to me; its beauty never stops to amaze me.

For the last 4 years, main subject of my artworks has been trees. This subject is something that really speaks to me and I feel strongly about. Some people ask me: why trees? Well, it is something about trees that constantly captures my attention. I love to examine the texture of a tree bark, shape and color of leaves, explore the intricate way tree brunches intertwine. In my paintings, I am trying to reflect the unique character of each tree. Sometimes it is happens that the character of the tree dictates the style of the whole painting. I love to experiment with my style initially moving from realistic style to impressionism and lately to a slightly more decorative approach.

I was born in Moscow but I have been living and painting in Singapore for 12 years and only recently came back to Moscow where I continue my art journey. Since when I first came to Singapore, I have been fascinated and inspired by tropical greenery and trees so different from the ones in my home country. I admire diversity of trees and plants here - marvelous rain trees with ferns, delicate golden shower trees, blossoming rose trumpet trees and other amazing plants I have come across in Singapore’s parks. For me being grown up in the country with totally different climate where trees are green only for three months a year, Singapore’s all year round lush greenery feels like a fairytale setting.

Life in Singapore has changed my aesthetics as an artist and also significantly brightened my palette giving me new topics to explore in my paintings. There I’ve gained my confidence as an artist and set new goals on the way of pursuing my dream. Moscow on the other hand is the Russian cultural centre where I'll have many opportunities to grow as an artist.







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